Quick update…

Time for a quick update…
The writing and page setting of FREEZE64 issue 13 is now complete. I’ll now start the process of proof-reading it. The issue is scheduled to be released to subscribers around the middle/end of September. Watch this space!
I’m now in the process are starting issue 14, which will feature an interview with Gary Penn of ZZAP!64, and also ‘The Making of…’ Cosmic Cruiser with the great Paul Clansey. I’m a little excited about sharing Paul’s ‘making of’ with you because it was one of the first Commodore 64 games that my brother and I used to play together – a rare moment in my family history. We’ve also got Chris Abbott of C64Audio.com who has volunteered to be our castaway stranded on Desert Island Disks. There will also be a return of our @rt @ttack feature, which first appeared in issue 12.
Lots, lots more Commodore 64 treats to come.
Next week we are scheduled to receive stock of issues 10, 11 and 12 of FREEZE64. A few of you have already secured your copy, but if you would like to receive a professional print copy before the stock runs out, then please visit each of the issue pages and purchase a copy. I’ll add you to the list of professional copies, and automatically post out your copy when the stock arrives.
And finally – we are pleased to announce that we now have 135 FREEZE64 subscribers. Those lucky readers will automatically receive a professional print copy of each subscription issue they have purchased. If you haven’t subscribed, why not treat yourself today and purchase a 3-issue subscription from HERE.
That’s it for now!
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