SPINDIZZY +8 Mini Crazy Hack

SD-1 SD-4 spindizzy-1


When I started creating crazy hacks back in 2011, one of the first games I tried to hack was Spindizzy, which always got the better of me. Nine years down the line, and a request from my good friend Frank Gasking, it was time to take on the challenge again and to add a screen-skip feature and cheats to Spindizzy. This time I succeeded and have created the following mini-hack for you all to enjoy.

Load and start the game, and then press the following keys during gameplay to turn on/off the extra features:

1 = Skip Screen South West
2 = Skip Screen North East
3 = Skip Screen North West
4 = Skip Screen South East
5 = Fall OFF
6 = Fall ON
7 = Freeze Timer
8 = Unfreeze Timer

NOTE: If you want to see the entire game map with ease, just press 5 and 7 to turn off FALL and the TIME, and then use keys 1,2,3,4 to go in any of the 4 directions.

Another small tick off my bucket list…

DOWNLOAD the mini crazy hack from HERE. Enjoy!

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