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If you would like to advertise your Commodore 64 warez and reach 400+ paying customers per issue, here are our current rates:
In each issue of FREEZE64 we feature an A5, full colour back cover advert. Total prices are worked out using an average of 400 copies sold per issue:
12p x  estimated 400 copies sold from original bulk print = £48.00 in total.
Any issues reprinted and sold after the initial 400 printed will be free advertising for you. I’ll need an A5 .PNG 300dpi file, but it needs to be something well designed and not just cobbled together. Need to keep up the standards.

A6 full-colour, double-sided flyers printed up on the lightest possible page (to keep down postage costs) that I can send out with each new/back issue of FREEZE64.
14p x  estimated 400 issues sold from original bulk print = £56.00 in total.
You’ll need to get the flyers printed at your end and then posted out to me to start packing with issues that I send out. The quicker you send them to me, the quicker I can start sending them out. Each flyer will cost you 14p to be included with each copy of FREEZE64 that I send out. This means that if you send me 400 flyers, you’ll need to send me 400 x 14p = £56.00 via PayPal prior to sending the flyers to me. We need to agree quantity before you send any payment or flyers.
Please contact me on to discuss your needs and also organise payment.