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If you would like to advertise your Commodore 64 warez and reach 600+ paying customers, then here’s our current advertising rate and rules:
In each issue of FREEZE64 we feature an A5, full colour back cover advert.
If you’re interested in advertising on the outside back cover of a future issue of FREEZE64, then before we start the process, you need to ensure that your advert relates to the Commodore 64. It could be advertising a new C64 game; a CD of remixed SID tunes; a collection of C64 demos; a C64 Kickstarter campaign… whatever you wish to advertise, it needs to be specifically for the Commodore 64.
With each NEW issue of FREEZE64, we print an initial run of 450 copies. Once those copies have sold, we reorder more stock over and over again, meaning that most issues sell over 600 copies. But the good thing is, you only have to pay the price of the initial bulk, and any reprints that are sold after the 450 copies will be FREE advertising for you.
Here’s how the price is broken down:
£0.08p x 450 copies from original bulk order = £36.00 in total.
What do you need to provide and how the process works?
1. To start with, you need to email me on to agree a slot for a future issue of FREEZE64. Your slot is NOT booked until payment is received;
2. You need to provide payment up front via PayPal – I will provide all the payment information during our initial discussion. You will receive a receipt from PayPal and also a payment acknowledgement from me. If you require an invoice, just let me know;
3. I will provide you with a deadline, and any time before that deadline I’ll require an A5 .PNG 300dpi file of your advert artwork. Please ensure it’s something well designed and not just something quickly cobbled together. We need to keep up our standards;
4. That’s it! The new issue of FREEZE64 is then released with your advert on the outside back cover. I’ll ensure that you receive a copy.

For more information, please feel free to contact me on to discuss your needs and also organise payment.