Here’s a Commodore 64 crazy hack that I created back in May 2016. I don’t think it was ever released, and so time to brush off the cob-webs and share it with the world.

DIZZYRAPIDS+15D crazy trainer hack is the standard game of Dizzy: Down the Rapids by Codemasters but with additional 15 in-game FEATURES (incl. ON/OFF) that have been added by Hackersoft. Press the following keys during game play to turn on/off the extra features:

Q = Infinite Lives On
E = Infinite Lives Off
T = Freeze Timer
U = Unfreeze Timer
O = Infinite Apples On
@ = Infinite Apples Off
S = Collision Off
F = Collision On
H = Border Colour
K = Water Colour
: = Scenery Colour 1
= = Scenery Colour 2
F5 = Colourful Dizzy
F3 = Smart Bomb!
C= = Game Ending!


*PLEASE NOTE: This crazy hack has been coded for a SINGLE PLAYER game ONLY.


Joystick in port 1.
[RUN/STOP] Pause


Crack/hack/trainer: Vinny Mainolfi
Intro code: Vinny Mainolfi & Richard Bayliss
Bitmap: Vinny Mainolfi
Intro music: Saul Cross – “Sweet Dreams”
Testing/Support: Frank Gasking

Download the crazy hack from HERE.

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