FREEZE64 Game of the Year Winners

GOTYrosette-NO DATE -35Throughout the year we make an effort to play every single Commodore 64 release for the current year, and come November we look back at the collection of delights and select a game worthy of our FREEZE64 Game of the Year award.

The following games have won our illustrious FREEZE64 Game of the Year award:

– 2019 –

by Simon Jameson

Doc Cosmos - 2
Doc Cosmos is a time-shifting space exploration platformer, which will keep you occupied on your Commodore 64 for hours on end. The map is vast (for a 16KB game) the puzzle and exploration element is crafted to perfection, and the time-shifting element of the game is genius! A worthy winner.

– 2018 –

by Stuart Collier, Trevor Storey, Saul Cross and Jason Mackenzie

The Legend of Atlantis, which was released by Psytronik Software, was chosen for its longevity, clever and challenging gameplay, beautifully crafted screens, atmospheric SID tunes, and its overall value for money. A MUST for any C64 games collection.

– 2017 –

by Graham Axten

The Bear Essentials is beautifully crafted platformer that is nostalgic in style and gameplay, but also innovative in design and execution. It’s a game for any player of any generation. The Bear Essentials has lasting appeal and is a joy to play time and time again. Beauty and fun wrapped up in 64KB.