FREEZE64 – Issue 9 – Codemasters Special

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Here’s what’s in issue 9:

DIZZY EGG / CODEMASTERS COVER FEATURE: Dizzy Egg has been done to death! There are numerous articles, features and books on the story of Dizzy; but as you all know, we’re not here to create a historical document of our cover features, but instead focus on a different angle and look at hacking Dizzy games to reveal some strange and fun features.

NEW DAVID DARLING INTERVIEW: If you’re not familiar with David’s work, he (and his brother Richard) is the guy behind many of Mastertronic’s earlier titles such as Chiller, BMX Kids, and Bionic Granny, and then went on to start up and successfully run Codemasters. LOTS to talk about. Definitely NOT to be missed.

HACKERSOFT SCREEN EDITING GUIDE: No that we have 4 extra pages, we want to share a few ‘tricks of the trade’ with you, starting with the screen editor that is built into the Action Replay Cartridge. Lots to play with.

‘MAGIC LAND DIZZY’ GAME ENDING FOCUS: Continuing on the theme of Codemasters, we reveal the full Commodore 64 game ending to Magic Land Dizzy.

THE MOULDY CUPBOARD: We take yet another cautious look into the dark and damp Mouldy Cupboard and pluck out a long-forgotten Commodore 64 title from yesteryear. You never know, we may find something valuable!

DESERT ISLAND DISKS: Another castaway will be stranded on a desert island and spilling the beans on their list of Commodore 64 goodies they would like to salvage from the wreck. Who could it be?

FREE CHEAT CARD No.6: Yes folks, we’ve got yet another of our FREE & EXCLUSIVE Cheat Cards to give away, which will be PHANTOM OF THE ASTEROIDS issue 6 cover and POKES.

GAMES IN THE MAKING: Continuing with this popular feature, we will have more Commodore 64 game news to share with you direct from the coders themselves.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE POKES ‘n CODES: There have been some cracking little Commodore 64 releases, and we have already hacked them for you and will reveal some new cheats and features.

NEXT LEVEL ‘ARMOURDILLO’: Another Codemasters themed feature in which we reveal all the level styles to Armourdillo.

SECRET SQUIRREL: Our intrepid agent opens more case files and focuses on revealing hidden and secret messages within Codemasters’ games. And believe it or not, there are quite a few out there to share with you.

MORE EXCLUSIVE HACKERSOFT PAD POKES: We reveal another batch of exclusive and unpublished POKES from my infamous collection of Hackersoft Pads that focus on Codemasters releases.


… all this and more wrapped up in an A5 Commodore 64 homebrew fanzine.