FREEZE64 – Issue 6 – Phantom of the Asteroids

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Here’s what’s in issue 6:

MASTERTRONIC SPECIAL ISSUE (cover illustration by Frank Gasking): Yes – you’ve got it! Issue 6 will be celebrating everything Mastertronic – well almost everything. We will be dedicating most of the issue to games and cheats for the budget software house, and sharing a few little gems. Our cover feature will be focussed on Phantom of the Asteroids by Martin Ellis.

INTERVIEW WITH PAUL KOLLER: In Coder’s Corner we will be chatting to the renowned new generation coder, Paul Koller who will be sharing his ideas, wisdom and history of coding on the Commodore 64. Not to be missed!

HACKERSOFT TUTORIAL: THE LEVEL SKIP – PART 2: Now that you’ve got a taste for hacking and coding, we will be taking your through another game and showing you how to obtain the level skip cheat and coding it into your own little crazy hack.

FREE CHEAT CARD No.3: You’re still loving the FREE collector’s Cheat Card, and so we will be giving away the next in the series, which will be our Ghost ‘n Goblins issue 3 cover and POKES.

GAMES IN THE MAKING: Another regular feature that is proving to be popular with you all is our snippets of game news section. Rest assured that we will have more Commodore 64 game news direct from the coders themselves.

HACKERSOFT PADS – MASTERTRONIC SPECIAL: We’ll be delving deep into our collection of 22 Hackersoft Coding Pads and picking out the cheats we have for past Mastertronic titles.

GAME ENDING FOCUS: We will be revealing the tantalising game ending to Mastertronic’s ‘The Human Race’, which was coded by the late, great John Ferrari.

NEW POKES ‘N CODES: We’ve got some new and exclusive cheats and features for recently released Commodore 64 games such as: Let’s Invade, Shotgun, Zombie Massacre, Fire Fighter Jenny, and lots more!

NEXT LEVEL ‘CHILLER’: Continuing on the Mastertronic theme, we will be sharing all the level screens to the budget classic CHILLER.

SECRET SQUIRREL’S ENIGMA CODE: Being a resident of Bletchley, Secret Squirrel shares a new piece of BASIC code that will reveal secret messages within Commodore 64 games.

… all this and more wrapped up in a full colour Commodore 64 fanzine.