FREEZE64 – Issue 3 – Ghosts ‘n Goblins

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Here’s what’s in issue 3:

GHOSTS ‘N’ GOBLINS COVER FEATURE: Chris Butler’s timeless arcade conversion gets the cover feature treatment where we’ll be discussing the ins and outs of this delightful platformer, and sharing some POKES and codes for you to play around with. Definitely one for all you budding game hackers out there.

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW – CODER’S CORNER: You’ve guessed it… we’re going through the whole of the Psytronik design and coding team, and in issue 3 it will be the turn of Achim Volkers who is the coding master-mind behind The Vice Squad, Rent-a-Cop, On The Farm 1,2 & 3, and lots more!

CODER’S CORNER – POKES BONANZA: We’ve interviewed him, and now it’s time to share some cheats from Achim’s games.

GAMES IN THE MAKING – SNIPPETS OF NEWS: A snippet of news on Commodore 64 games currently in the making.

GAME ENDING FOCUS: We’ll be focusing on the game ending to the Editor’s all-time favourite Commodore 64 game, Thing on a Spring.

WALKING THROUGH WALLS – PART 3: Yes – we have EVEN MORE Walking Through Walls POKES and codes for you!

NEW RELEASE POKES: They just keep on making Commodore 64 games, and so we just keep on hacking them. Lots more new POKES and codes for you to salivate over.

GAME ENDINGS BONANZA: You know how much we love our Commodore 64 game endings… well it’s time to share some of that love with a plethora of game ending POKES and codes that will skip you straight to the end of your favourite games.

SECRET SQUIRREL REVEALS ALL: We reveal more hidden messages and secrets that game coders have left in their code!

THE HACKERSOFT PADS: We share more unpublished POKES and CODES from Hackersoft’s Pads.

… all this and more wrapped up in an A5 Commodore 64 homebrew fanzine.