FREEZE64 – Issue 2 – Bruce Lee

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Here’s what’s in issue 2:

32 PAGES!  Issue 2 is now 32 pages – 4 more pages than issue 1! It our cheats special issue!

COVER FEATURE: This issue’s special feature is on the timeless platforming classic, Bruce Lee by Datasoft. We take a retrospective look at the game, and then delve into the code and provide some interesting memory locations that provide you with some useful and fun features.

CODER’S CORNER: We have an EXCLUSIVE interview with, man of the moment, Trevor Storey (AKA SMILA) who has designed Commodore 64 hits such as Soulless, The Vice Squad, Barnsley Badger, My Life, Run Demon Run, Sizzler, and The Isle of The Cursed Prophet… to name but a few of his fabulous C64 games. Plenty of design chat to share with you.

CODER’S CORNER – POKES BONANZA: We’ve interviewed him, and now it’s time to share some cheats for SMILA’s games, which include: Soulless, Guns ‘n’ Ghosts and My Life. There’s plenty of infinite lives, invincibility, timer freezing, game endings, and even a flying mode!

WALKING THROUGH WALLS – PART 2: The second part of this popular feature reveals more secrets on how to walk through walls in games. We share some cheats for I,Ball, Monty Mole, Chubby Gristle, Poseidon, and You Have To Win The Game.

NEW RELEASES – POKES & CHEATS: With new game releases come NEW POKES and cheats! We share cheats for The Vice Squad, Commando Arcade, Sheepoid DX, Sir Ababol, and many more!

GAME ENDING FOCUS: In this issue we focus on the game ending for Ocean Software’s ‘ROLANDS RAT RACE’. If you’ve never seen the ending, then you’re in for a treat!

A QUICK GUIDE TO THE ACTION REPLAY CARTRIDGE: You’ve heard me mention it, but now it’s time to use it! We reveal the many uses of Datel’s infamous Action Replay freeze cartridge. Our quick guide shares all.

SECRET SQUIRREL REVEALS ALL: We reveal more hilarious hidden messages that game coders have left in their code! This time round we reveal our findings for Fiona Rides Out, Crazy Kong, Get Off My Garden, Heroes of Karn, and Starburst.

THE HACKERSOFT PADS: We share the unpublished POKES and CODES from Hackersoft’s Pad No.9. This is definitely a cheats special issue!

ALL MAPPED OUT: Time to check out all the game screens for Datasoft’s Bruce Lee, which is courtesy of our good friend Frank Gasking and his cool, little map.