FREEZE64 – Issue 12 – Way of the Exploding Fist

FREEZE64 - Cover 12RELEASED: September 2017
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Here’s what’s in FREEZE64 issue 12:

THE WAY OF THE EXPLODING FIST COVER FEATURE: We spend a bit of time discussing, playing and hacking this wonderful beat-em-up from 1985. We’ve got a few little POKES ‘n CODES that you can play with. We also reveal hidden parts of the game that were never used!

EXCLUSIVE INTERVIEW WITH GREGG BARNETT: We’ve got yet another top coder from yester-year, and this time round we chat with the delightful Gregg Barnett who’s the talent behind Way of the Exploding Fist, Rock & Wrestle, The Hobbit, and Horace Goes Skiing – to name but a few. He reveals all about the making of his top Commodore 64 games.

@RT @TTACK: A brand new feature that focuses on new Commodore 64 artwork that has been produced and released by the C64 scene. Some great pieces of art to discuss and share with you.

OUT OF THE MOULDY CUPBOARD: There’ll be another Commodore 64 game being plucked from the deepest, darkest depths of the Mouldy Cupboard. The lucky game is an A&F Software title from 1984, and involves a lot of doors and floors! Any ideas?

SECRET SQUIRREL SPECIAL CASE FILE: We have a special case file for our intrepid Secret Squirrel, revealing some cool, extra features to a brand new Commodore 64 game.

DESERT ISLAND DISKS: Another Commodore 64 personality will be castaway on our desert island to live out the rest of their years surrounded by Commodore 64 delights.

GAME ENDING FOCUS – WAY OF THE EXPLODING FIST: Okay – so the game doesn’t actually have a game ending, but back in 2006 we shared an April Fools on our site revealing a bogus ending that many people believed! We’ll share the story of how the fake ending came to be and also how it was produced.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE POKES: We know you love hacking new games, and so we’re going to provide more new and exclusive POKES ‘n CODES for you to play with.

AND ALSO… FREEZE64 wouldn’t be the same without GAMES IN THE MAKING / SNIPPETS OF NEWS, and finally, sharing more insight into another HACKERSOFT PAD.

… all this and more wrapped up in a full colour, slightly slicker design, Commodore 64 fanzine.

It’s another corker of an issue! Take a look for yourself…