FREEZE64 – issue 11 – Gribbly’s Day Out

FREEZE64 - Cover 11RELEASED: August 2017
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Issue 11-3
Here’s what’s in issue 11:

PART 2 OF OUR ANDREW BRAYBROOK INTERVIEW: Andrew was SO generous with his words that we are able to bring you another instalment of this fine interview, and carry on where we left off. Lots more to be heard.

‘GRIBBLY’S DAY OUT’ COVER FEATURE: And the Braybrook goodies don’t end there because we celebrate yet another of his wonderful games and play with the code to his beautiful platformer, Gribbly’s Day Out (which was featured in last issue’s Next Level).

LEE COWLEY ON DESERT ISLAND DISKS: Yes folks, Desert Island Disks is back, and we have a special castaway who used to be a game tester at Ocean Software and then went on to manage the Hit Squad range. We’ll be hearing a lot more from Lee in future issues, but for now, we’re sending him off to our C64 island.

THE MAKING OF… ‘THE SKY IS FALLING’: Now that The Sky is Falling has been released by Psytronik Software, we have a chat with Stuart Collier about the making of this fine game, and reveal a few little gems about the process of making his first ever Commodore 64 offering.

NEXT LEVEL SCREENS TO BEAR BOVVER: We reveal all the game level screens to Artic Software’s arcade platform game BEAR BOVVER by Donald Campbell in 1984.

GAMES IN THE MAKING / SNIPPETS OF NEWS: There’s a new sheriff in town, and along with his deputies he’s producing a new Western Gunslinger game for the Commodore 64. We have exclusive news on the new game.

GAME ENDING FOCUS ON MAX HEADROOM: One of the FREEZE64 Editor’s favourite games and also one of his top game endings, we revisit Max Headroom by Quicksilva to find out exactly what is waiting at the top of the tower.

NEW & EXCLUSIVE POKES ‘N CODES: There’s lots more exclusive POKES ‘n CODES to share with you, which include new C64 titles such as The Sky is Falling, Rowman, Spyders, and Frogs. Loads of cool features to play with.

OUT OF THE MOULDY CUPBOARD: We grab yet another old Commodore 64 title from out of the Mouldy Cupboard and load it up for the first time in 30 odd years. We’ll find out if it’s a game worth firing up, or will it just drive you wild (there’s a clue there).

AND FINALLY… our intrepid SECRET SQUIRREL opens a few more case files to reveal hidden messages within C64 games – with a few surprises along the way!

PLUS LOTS MORE! It’s another cracking, bumper issue!