FREEZE64 – Issue 1 – Monty on the Run

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Issue 1 reprint - 1-2
Here’s what’s in issue 1:

COVER FEATURE: We have a special feature on Gremlin Graphics’ wonderful platform game Monty on the Run, providing you with some useful tips and POKES that will unlock a few hidden features.

CODER’S CORNER: We have an exclusive interview with the proficient C64 coder of the moment, Georg Rottensteiner, who is responsible for coding top titles such as Barnsley Badger, Soulless and Guns ‘n’ Ghosts.

WALKING THROUGH WALLS: ‘Walking Through Walls’ is something you’ve always wanted to do in games, but how is it achieved, and what REALLY lies beyond those dastardly walls of death? Well in our special ‘Walking Through Walls’ feature we reveal all.

NEW RELEASES – POKES & CHEATS: New releases need new POKES and cheats and so we’ve got some exclusive cheats for Barnsley Badger, QIE IIm, Platman, Hessian, Honey Bee and Eye of the Gods.

GAME ENDING FOCUS: In each issue we will reveal one of the best game endings available for the C64 starting with Jon Wells’ Blitz 3000. It’s definitely a corker!

CENTRE-FOLD MAP: A full-colour map of TIGER CLAW 16KB version.

HOW TO POKE: A guide explaining how to use and set-up the Action Replay Cartridge so that you can use POKES with Commodore 64 emulator.

SECRET SQUIRREL REVEALS ALL: We reveal some hilarious hidden messages that game coders have left in their code!

THE HACKERSOFT PADS: Over the past 5 years we have been hacking games and filling up notebooks with unpublished cheats and codes. But now it’s time to share these codes with you all.

… all this and more wrapped up in a full colour Commodore 64 fanzine.