FREEZE64 issue 16 update & more…

FREEZE64 cover - issue 16   Cover - issue 17

It’s time for another FREEZE64 update…

FREEZE64 ISSUE 16:Boulder Dash” – I have now completed writing the issue and have started the process of proof-reading and carrying out minor edits. Once that’s all complete, I’m hoping to get the issue printed and out to subscribers during the middle of February.

FREEZE64 ISSUE 17:Hero of the Golden Talisman” – I’ve already started structuring this issue, and in fact, I already have most of the elements to complete this issue pretty quickly. Saying that – I’m still aiming for a May release, but it may appears sooner.

For future issues we have features such as: Bugged Games, Who Ripped Off Who, Past C64 Fanzines, Book Reviews, more Mini Game Reviews, The Making of Galencia, Paul Hughes Interview, The Making of… Spitting Image, a Bounder cover feature, more Hackersoft Guides… and that’s just the tip of the iceberg (iceberg? FREEZE64? get it?).

And as well as having Peter Liepa, Shaun Southern, Stephen Bedser, Paul Hughes and Karl Hornell interviews all complete and ready to publish, we also have Chris Shrigley who programmed Bounder for Gremlin Graphics. More on those interviews soon, and a lot more C64 developer interviews in the pipeline.

That’s it for now. Don’t forget that I regularly Tweet updates on the progress of FREEZE64, and so if you’re not following me, you may want to link up now via @C64_endings. If you’re not on Twitter, then it may be worth signing up just to keep up with my Twitter updates. There’s plenty of Commodore 64 related tweets going out all the time.

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